Packet Information

The W5MCC digi is back on the air! 145.01 & 446.100 (96k).

Connect to W5MCC-10 and enter a ? for help.

We will be adding another digi for the New Orleans area. The frequency will be as follows:


446.100 (Backbone)

The BPQ node is tied in on 446.100 and accessible through the VHF side.

We currently are testing a BPQ32 switch. This switch supports, VHF RMS Winlink Gateway, UHF Winlink Gateway & UHF packet BBS. Cross port connections are enabled.

Here are the frequencies:



Current callsigns/SSIDs are:

W5MCC-1: BPQ Node Switch


W5MCC-10: RMS Gateway

We also run the KB5OZE HF RMS Trimode server. The server currently only supports winmor, however, HF packet may be added in the future.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or for a BBS maildrop.

tech at selcoms dot org


We are currently hosting the KD5QZD-12 iGate at a high downtown site.

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