Equipment for Sale

K0NNO Estate; All monies go to his wife.


Henry Tempo (2002A) 2M Amp


1kw SSB, 600watts FM

Heath HL-2200


Converted 6M amp


Yaesu G-800DXA


medium duty to heavy duty rotor

Radio Shack Rotor


light duty rotor

Daiwa CN101L Meter


HF to 2M swr/watt meter


Kenwood TH315A


220 HT with drop in charger

M2 222-7EZ


220 7 Element beam



2M 16 elementBeam



Cushcraft 6M Boomer, large 6 Element beam




10M,15M20M 4 element beam



12M, 17M, 30M, 60M rot dipole

M2 222-5SS


220Mhz 5 Element beam



Hazer 4 with electric power winch


Includes brake


Other Equipment