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Welcome to Southeast Louisiana Emergency Communications Service located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Formally known as ARES of Southeast Louisiana, SELCOM is a not for profit disaster relief organization providing communications and logistical support to disaster relief organizations during on-going disaster and recovery operations. In 2007, we acquired all E.A.R.S. Assests in New Orleans. In 2009, the remaining members of the NOVHF Club merged into our organization. We now maintain the 146.775 repeater and have added the 224.000 & 444.825 repeaters. We support the KD5QZD-1 APRS digipeater at one of our downtown sites as well as working on a VHF packet BBS. The W5MCC Digi is monitoring on 145.01 & 446.100.

Region 1 ARES Net, Wednesdays at 9PM on the 86 Repeater

New Net format!

The 86 repeater is now the primary emergency communications training net repeater for Region 1. The 146.86 is also hosting the Echo/IRLP Node.  Echolink Node KB5OZE-R or # 670956. IRLP Node number 3914.

 We have now dedicated repeaters for specific purposes during an emergency. Please click in the side bar for the new allocations.

We are now Beta Testers for the new Yaesu Fusion Repeater System! It is on the air on 146.86 repeater. Please let us know how the repeater works. The repeater is auto in - auto out. Please enable Tone Sql to avoid hearing the digital signals.


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Packet & APRS Status are temporarily down.

SELCOM Repeaters Status

146.86/pl 114.8                                      146.775/pl 114.8

224.000 no pl                                          444.825/pl 114.8

  444.800/pl 114.8                                    147.03/pl 114.8

 146.62/pl 114.8 (in construction)           443.950/pl 114.8 (in construction)

147.09/pl 114.9 (under construction)      444.675/pl 114.8 (under const.)

145.01 Packet Digi                                   446.100 96k Packet Digi               

145.03 Packet BBS (under contstruction)

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updated: 5-11-2012

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